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My first period i was like, studying but not studying (LoL)
Basically Levels expressed best how my first period went xD

After the first one, my whole class...

Twilight being adorkable by Unfiltered-N

"Everybody In The Club" (literally xD)

Okay, so today was the last day at school for me. Think i'll have about 1-2 months of summer vacation before leaving this page to stay in "long-term dead". The next year after this, is extremly important to me, it will be the year i have to study hard for college. So yep, i'll be rarely posting art at that time (maybe every 69 days i upload art, idk lol). Just want to focus on my study full-time.

Think that's it for this journal. At the moment, i got a couple ideas for wallpapers, i'll try my best to express it with Photoshop. So see you guys soon, with more (a few) wallpapers. :D

Crazy Twilight by Ackdari

Don't even want to imagine what my next year's gonna be *soworied*
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Laszl Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
I still have 1 month until the summer break :/ 
minhbuinhat99 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
It will come eventually :)
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May 13, 2016


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